Friday, October 26, 2007

Movies and music

This time I shall do something that's done rarely on GuruWrites. And that is to post something that's not nonsense.

Here's a link to an interesting article about 'What's wrong with Bollywood this year'. Well it's not really that column, but this one that's linked to there. A lengthy one, the latter, but an excellent analysis. Well, you can judge me for reading that one completely.

I do not know Hindustani music. But this site about Hindustani music was very interesting as they list the raagas and their characteristics alongwith popular hindi film(and non-film) songs based on that raag. This association with music you have heard is quite a fun way of learning.

That's it for this post. If you thought that this post too was nonsense, then go read the editorial page in The Hindu where you can find stories like this and this.

1 comment:

pRicky said...

The first two were very enlightening.
The third was of hardly any context to interest me and the third Brown- Blair is rather an exciting TRP garning facade. Pity BBC is not running for trps just yet.
I didnt get to the hinduxtani page.
I have only one digression to make.
Several commercial movies are also very good. Not everyone is studying movies and for those who dont I think mindless chaos works just as well.
But then the several news channels provide as much entertainment but you already agree with that...