Monday, May 18, 2009

The Party Is Over

A political party has unofficially died today marking the end of the longest surviving non-Congress party. This was no ordinary party. This was a party that shook the political certitudes of Indian politics like no one else had done before. This was a party that captured the public imagination and the ultimate power in fairly rapid and dramatic way. This was a party that gave India one of her best Prime Ministers. This was a party that dominated and dictated the agenda for five successive general elections.

A party that was once so full of ideas got bankrupt and corrupt by the stint in power. Bereft of new ideas, unable to cling on to old ones, the party developed severe identity crisis. The crisis needed application of thoughts by its once much envied leadership. But the leadership was tired and jaded. The leadership was at war with itself. The leadership tried to beat its opponents by becoming exactly like its opponent. The leadership was in denial about the disease that had afflicted the party. The party was at war with itself. It had become a weak, pity, pale shadow of its once glorious self.

Like the drowning man, it hoped someone else from outside would come and help. And this help it expected from its opponents. In the world of competitive politics, that was asking for a death blow. Blow it did receive but survived for a few hours raising hopes of the believers that atleast now an emergency surgery would be undertaken to cure the ill. But the party went back to denial and to old certitudes and to ideas that had gone past their sell by date. It died.

But political parties are in some ways immortal. They can come back from death and lead a rejuvenated life. Can this party do? Do they still have the resolve to do it? Will they carry out the onerous responsibility of ensuring a bipolar polity in India? Let's hope they regain their life for the sake of India.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another pointless post - 88th post

GuruWrites has come under intense ridicule and criticism by the single digit readership of the blog who say that GuruWrites gets active only for celebratory posts. Some critics also point out that the author of this blog could not could not come up with new posts due to ideological differences though the same critics have not been able to point out with whom these ideological differences have cropped up.

Sources close to GuruWrites have told that the blogger has now become uncomfortable with a Hindu-sounding name. 'The author of this blog has huge political ambitions. He doesn't want that to be harmed by writing in a blog that sounds too Hindu', says noted lawyer turned postman Krantikari. But this has also been denied by the very same sources.

Amidst all these rumour mongering and speculations, mainly by GuruWrites, the author of this esteemed blog has not been available for comment. Sources say the writer at GuruWrites is slightly disappointed that he has still not recieved JnaanaPeeTha or Kendra Sahitya Academy Award despite the prolific literary outpourings in his blog. But the author is planning to celebrate the 100th post soon in a grand way.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guruwrites celebrates 3 years of relentless, clear, pointed, ahead, truth first, humour next blogging

It's been possible mainly because of you, you and the person to your extreme right.