Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lok Paritran

It has been 28 days since the 2009 general election results came out, still there is not even an iota of analysis in the media of Lok Paritran's poll debacle. That's because media does not have its ear to the ground fearing insects and other life forms that dwell normally on the ground. But such fears cannot evade us or rather Lok Paritran from facing facts.

When brand IIT has become such a hit in quite a few major Scandinavian countries, here's a political party of ex-IIT-ians which has failed to open its account in this vast, humongous, heterogenous, nation of ours. They failed to open their account even in IIT towns. Why? Is their a divide amongst IITians? Is there a disconnect between IIT and society despite the rhyme? Is their a seemingly disconnected disconnect between lawyers and engineers, between ration card holders and senior citizens, between myth and parable, between distorted utopia and unambiguous reality, between sex and metaphysics? "There is", says a senior Lok Paritran leader before adding, "a chintan baithak scheduled next month. We will discuss all these issues. We have already concluded what to conclude in that baithak".

There are other issues that face the party. Why such a name as Lok Paritran? Why not a more cool and contemporary name? Why have Sanskrit name? Why not an Anglo-Saxon name? Why did the innumerable 'love-speeches' made by their President fail to attract voters despised by 'hate-speeches'? What is life? Why didn't they go for alliances with comparably smaller parties like JD(S)? Is U R Ananthmurthy a genius? So many questions stare violently infront of Lok Paritran.

But it's not the end of the road for Lok Paritran says noted political analyst Arjun Sharma. 'Now they might not have won any seat. But they will surely come to power in 15 years', says Arjun displaying his knowledge of political history(BJP rose from 2 seats to ruling party in 15 years.). Even Lok Paritran leaders are optimistic. They have apparently charted out the slogan for the 2014 elections - 'Where there is hope there is despair'. When asked whether it was supposed to 'Where there is despair there is hope', party worker Subrmanya S Z said, 'There is absolutely no confusion. This is our slogan'.

In other news BJP President Rajnath Singh has expelled himself from the party for talking to the media to announce the party's new gag orders. "It was a Catch-22 like situation for me", said Mr. Singh showing surprising knowledge of Joseph Heller's work.