Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Very Hypocritical Post

The futility of profound contemplation regarding certain matters never stops some from thinking, arguing, theorizing and even writing elaborate books on their 'reasoned' arguments. Free will is one of the pet subjects for such people-who-have-time-to-think-about-things-that-are-pointless. You can argue in favour of or against free will and appear convincing as well as unconvincing at the same time. Irrespective of that your life remains more or less what it is. Nothing really changes by delving deep into whether free will is there.

God. Another entity whose existence or non-existence is a subject of intense reasoning and philosophy. People who believe or don't in God continue to hold onto their beliefs(interestingly, even the atheists generally say they don't believe in God and not 'I have reasoned out the non-existence of God') despite earnest attempts by the opposing camp or, to put it eloquently, by the members of the 'opposing school of thought'. Again all the mental energies expended on this subject appear to be a humongous waste. But still it continues to be expended much like Advani's attempts to be the Prime Minister of this nation.

Which brings me to politics. Why do people like me, who can at the most go out and cast a single vote, care so much about which coalition/party forms the Government? Or for that matter whether Dr. Singh is weak or whether Gadkari can bring his party to power? Absolutely inexplicable, given that nobody is willing to offer me the PM's post, atleast a deputy Prime Minister's post like the one Advaniji held.

That's it for this post which I wrote after reading an excellent book titled 'Devaru' by A N Murthy Rao where he reasons whether God exists. Despite being a believer there IS God, my views seemed to be more or less(around 90%, to put a numerical figure) in sync with that of the atheist author.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

99th Post

Much like the political party this blog has shamelessly supported(in vain) since inception, this blog too been in a state of paralysis since last June. Reasons for that aren't ideological or leadership related, but sheer laziness. While the political party lost 10% vote share, this blog lost little considering that it never had more than single digit readership.

Anyway, not much has changed in the life of this author since the time I last blogged. Many things, both on the personal as well as on the professional front promised to change in the dying months of 2009 as well as in the early days of 2010. But for one, the others remained just a promise though I am extremely happy for the one thing that I desperately wanted and that went green for me. Well, enough of abstract, abstruse personal musings.

Going forward, I will make an attempt to blog more frequently. The keyword there, though, is 'attempt'. Not that many would care whether I blog frequently. Again very much like the political party that is making an attempt to connect with the India of today. An irrelevant, supremely inappropriate analogy you might say.