Wednesday, September 17, 2008

War On Terror : UPA's take

Congress Party has finally decided that it will fight terror. And the strategy it plans to adopt is very much in tune with its traditional thought processes. The Congress Party led Government is planning to appoint a Minister exclusively to fight terror retaining the supremely effective Home Minister Shivraj Patil.
It wouldn't be surprising if the Congress Party thinks that by this 'war strategy' terrorists would be on the back foot.
The next few days, would now be spent on naming the ministry. What could the names be? This naming is very tricky. The naming has to take into consideration all sections of society. It can't simply be Minister For Internal Security. Not even Anti-Terrorism Minister. The minority sentiments have to be kept in mind. So more likely name would be Minister Who Should Fight Terrorism And Hindu Communalism While Preserving The Secular Fabric Of The Nation And Keeping In Mind Minority Sentiments(MWSFTAHCWPTSFONKIMMS). This would be the longest named ministry in the world. Even the abbreviation is longer than names of some ministries. But that's a small sacrifice in keeping India's robust secular traditions alive.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to wish you all

Guruwrites is back. Back to wish you all belated wishes. Exactly a month and one day ago, this nation turned 61. Belated wishes go out from GuruWrites to all believers of Indian tricolour. A day before that, our esteemed neighbour Pakistan celebrated its 61st independence day which went unnoticed in large parts of Azerbaijan.
On 15th, people belonging to a Brahminical clan, including me, managed to celebrate Upakarma despite the patriotic frenzy that engulfs the nation every year on that day. I wish all of them and myself belated Happy Upakarma. On August 22nd, people managed to celebrate nothing despite the temptation to do so.
Few days rolled before Hindus, from rabid right wingers to liberal lefties, celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi a day after Hindu women from all walks and stages of life celebrated Gowri Pooja with much gaeity and fanfare. This author deeply regrets the use of word gaeity in this otherwise sane post. Anyhow, I would now take this opportunity to wish Indians living in every nook and corner of the world particularly those Indians in Baku and even particularly those Indians who speak Baki, a belated Very Happy Gowri Ganesha Habba.
Yesterday, September 15th, was celebrated as the birthday Sir M Vishweshwariah(Sir M V). On this occasion, noted nanogenarian from Mysore, KrishRao pondered, "If Sir MV were to be alive today, he would have turned 148".
Amidst all these, rabid right wing lunatic, ace fake news reporter and founder member of cult comedy group, Arjun Sharma came back to his homeland causing much consternation and dismay to a noted Kannada poet whom Arjun has a tendency to mock and ridicule for no apparent or genuine reason.
I will end this post here. I don't know what to say.