Thursday, May 24, 2007

Absurdity 24X7

[As I said in my previous post, it has been 3 years of secular rule at the centre. In this post I am just reproducing what I had written some time back about media's obsession with this secular rule.]

Not too long ago there was only one channel named Doordarshan that would give us the days top news stories. And that too only once a day or may be twice at the most. All the top stories of the day would get covered in 30 minutes. All this was before the advent of 24X7 news channels. Now these channels tell us the same 30 minute story for 24 hours. In this array of 24x7 news channels, there are various varieties. One claims to provide Truth First (and then bakwaas) while the other avoids convoluted debates by having gay people with weird names to read news. There are so many news channels that it’s difficult to even name them or at least keep a count of them.

To succeed in this ever increasing competition between rival channels, the “intellectuals” in the media have resorted to “breaking news” coverage of the funniest kind. Such “breaking news” will be very annoyingly flashing on your TV screen whenever you tune into any of the 24X7 news channels. The breaking news story will hardly be a news item. Most of them will be like:

Sourav Ganguly has left for meeting (Who cares whether he has left for the meeting or is having an online chat with Nagma).
PM wears blue turban to parliament

As if such pathetic news items aren’t enough, these news-channel-people are outrageous enough to get into the detailed analysis of such stories.
Vishnu (News anchor): The Prime Minister today wore a blue turban to parliament. This was a very very significant gesture by one of India’s best economist Prime Ministers. Our sources wherever they are have confirmed that the intention behind this move is to tell the people that this Government is a more inclusive-secular-liberal government unlike the previous fascist-communal-divisive government that did not allow some people to wear clothes of their choice let alone realizing their lofty desire of wearing blue turbans. To tell you more about it we have with us, Secular TV’s Rahul who has covered Prime Ministers turban affair extensively.
Vishnu: Rahul, Isn’t this a very significant gesture by the PM?
Rahul: Yes Vishnu. Infact, no other PM has worn a blue turban so far to parliament in the history of independent India. Actually the party President Sonia wanted to wear blue turban to display her commitment to the lofty ideals of secularism, but she renounced that opportunity for the sake of the Prime Minister. Vishnu.
Vishnu: Rahul thank you for that really enlightening perspective.

As if this whole entertaining(sorry, “enlightening”) discussion was not enough, viewers are given a terrific opportunity to become more involved in news programs by asking them related questions like,
“Should we on Ridiculous TV 24X7 also wear blue turbans?”
and asking them to SMS their reply. The poor viewers who do so will always have my sympathies with them.

The real sad news is that there exists in our country today not a single sane, sensible news channel. Maybe, hopefully we will have one in the not too distant future.

A paradigm shift

Few days ago, the UPA government celebrated its third anniversary. It was a celebration of 3 years of unbridled secularism. At the same time the opposition too completed 3 years in office. It hasn't been dethroned even from that position. That certainly is worthy of celebration. They have, for the past three years, consistently opposed whatever the government has done. What more can somebody termed as opposition do? Their opposition is so strong that the leader of the opposition is believed to have said, "We oppose the third anniversary of this Government.". But in this unflinching commitment to oppose, they forgot to celebrate their own stay in opposition for three years.
This brings us to the question, why should we have something called as opposition? Their job is to oppose. To do that, why elect so many people? We can instead have officers from offices like the AG's office, post office and such other altruistic organisations in a committee whose job would be to issue statements against the government in a specified time, outside working hours, in Parliament. And they will be paid handsomely to do that.
And in Parliament sessions, instead of opposition, we will have a 'Pro Government Non Ruling' (PRNG) party. PRNG party will neither be part of the Government nor will its numerical strength breathe life into the Government. It basically exists to praise the Government and boost its morale. If the Government says, "We will provide jobs to ants", then the PRNG party shall issue a statement that says, "We praise the Government's decision to give jobs to ants". Not only will the morale of the Government be boosted but also the Parliament will function smoothly. Lack of opposition doesn't matter as they would have just shouted and walked out after which the Government would have anyway passed any legislation it deemed fit to pass. So, in this way, it will be a win-win strategy for the Government.

Monday, May 14, 2007

'Freedom of art'

People taking law into their hands is inexcusable at any cost. That, beating up someone because his creative work was offensive to others, is undemocratic and uncivilized is inarguable. But when this rule is not applied uniformly, then that's what annoys more.

News channels showed a group of angry men, allegedly from the VHP, barging into a student art exhibition in Vadodara and beat up a student there in protest against the obscene paintings, which depicted Hindu Gods nude, that were on display. Now this type of muscle-flexing is indefensible. But why do these 'artists' always find Hindu Gods and Goddesses as the objects of their mischievous artistic endeavours. Its as if it has now become a fashion among the 'artists' to paint Hindu Gods and Godesses nude following in the footsteps of that 'great soul who has suffered immensely for his freedom of expression' M F Hussein. Why don't they use such creativity to paint Gods of other religions nude? Wont those Gods fit into their artistic scheme? Its simply because they do not have the guts to do so. Now, although beaten up, they survived to see another day. If, say, the sentiments of minorities were the victims of their artistic freedom, no God could have saved their lives.

The media, which prefers to put all men belonging to VHP behind bars so that minorities are 'safe' in this country, is making a big issue out of this 'attack on artistic freedom'. A motley group of protestors in Vadodara was sufficient for them to proclaim that the entire nation is enraged at this 'attack on artistic freedom'. Left-leaning 'liberal intellectuals' use whatever soundbites they get to offer to assert how only they and their allied secularists can save the country's art fraternity. They and the media did not have a word to say when there were violent protests everywhere against Prophet Mohammed cartoons that were published in some other country. A state minister of UP, then, had also declared a prize-money for the head of the cartoonist who was not an Indian at all in the first place. The media then did not talk about freedom of art. They instead harped on how minority sentiments should be respected.

Don't we Hindus have sentiments? Should we Hindus not feel hurt when our Gods are painted in whatever ways the depraved minds of these 'artists' can think of? Why doesn't the media, the 'liberals', the 'intellectuals' understand this? If these issues aren't addressed, then it might lead to a feeling amongst the generally peaceful Hindu community, that what happened to the art exhibitors in Vadodara was right. O God!, what's happening in this country?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Issues that are vital for survival of mankind

  • Drug abuse by ants and insects
  • Making of the Indian constitution into a full fledged movie.
  • How to make the Indian snowboarding team a world cup winning team
  • Economic and military ties with Azerbaijan to fight the growing menace of stray dogs in urban India.
  • Secularism and its impact on global warming.
  • Cross breeding. Particularly, cross breeding of ants and elephants(a procees,which Swaroop believes, will produce pigs), cows and crows.

One Year

GuruWrites completed one year yesterday - May 10th, 2007.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where is the solution?

The ruling 'secular' brigade(consisting of the 'secular' parties to which the English media and the associated loony-'liberal' intellectuals are subservient) is doing what it does best. - catering to its minority vote-bank irrespective of however damaging that might be to the nation and its security. What started with scrapping anti-terror laws at a time when other countries were busy strengthening them and reached a crescendo with the practical subversion of the court's verdict in the case of death penalty to Afzal Guru now continues with the alleged fake encounter case. The killing, in a police encounter in Gujarat, of a man called Sohrabuddin charged with multiple anti-national activities (many of the charges had been filed by the 'secular parties' themselves when in power, as this article tells us), is being declared even before trial by these secular parties, to be a 'cold-blooded murder of an innocent man by trigger friendly police', thus making Sohrabuddin a 'secular' martyr. The shameless, servile English media dances to the tune of these political parties which further puts the nation at risk as there is no check for this anti-national minority-appeasement politics. Is there no counter to this menace? The only hope, as ever, lies in the people of this nation.