Thursday, May 24, 2007

A paradigm shift

Few days ago, the UPA government celebrated its third anniversary. It was a celebration of 3 years of unbridled secularism. At the same time the opposition too completed 3 years in office. It hasn't been dethroned even from that position. That certainly is worthy of celebration. They have, for the past three years, consistently opposed whatever the government has done. What more can somebody termed as opposition do? Their opposition is so strong that the leader of the opposition is believed to have said, "We oppose the third anniversary of this Government.". But in this unflinching commitment to oppose, they forgot to celebrate their own stay in opposition for three years.
This brings us to the question, why should we have something called as opposition? Their job is to oppose. To do that, why elect so many people? We can instead have officers from offices like the AG's office, post office and such other altruistic organisations in a committee whose job would be to issue statements against the government in a specified time, outside working hours, in Parliament. And they will be paid handsomely to do that.
And in Parliament sessions, instead of opposition, we will have a 'Pro Government Non Ruling' (PRNG) party. PRNG party will neither be part of the Government nor will its numerical strength breathe life into the Government. It basically exists to praise the Government and boost its morale. If the Government says, "We will provide jobs to ants", then the PRNG party shall issue a statement that says, "We praise the Government's decision to give jobs to ants". Not only will the morale of the Government be boosted but also the Parliament will function smoothly. Lack of opposition doesn't matter as they would have just shouted and walked out after which the Government would have anyway passed any legislation it deemed fit to pass. So, in this way, it will be a win-win strategy for the Government.


Arjun Sharma said...

Pedda, PGNR adu, PRNG alla.

Otherwise, an excellent article.

Harish said...

Typographical error regretted.