Sunday, September 09, 2007

Software movies

It's surprising that movies about software, software engineers and their trials and tribulations have not been made. Well, they(such stories) might not exactly be great material for cinema, but they can be funny. Here are my ideas for software-movies. (It does not require a connoisseur of cinema to realize that these are remixed ideas. So comments to this effect shall not be entertained.)

Mohan - Software Engineer, Godfather
The computer of a software engineer, Mohan, had been infected with virus. His system was completely compromised. This was the grandest failure of the anti-virus system. When the system fails, a new power arises. So Mohan decided to write a highly malicious virus that would consume all data on it's target machine and convert it into a porn film. And the virus was propogated. There was porn everywhere on every single machine on the planet, except Mohan's, which he formatted. Normalcy was restored worldwide although Mohan was acquitted by courts at every level in every country. But the evil corporate houses joined hands to conspire against Mohan. They decided to write the deadliest computer virus to exclusively target Mohan's machine. In a bizarre climax, Mohan dies of common cold much before the conspiracy could come to fruition.

Chak De! Mohan
Mohan, a discredited manager at a software firm, resigns. He joins a startup. There he hires fresh software graduates who have failed at-least once in all the subjects in their engineering course. He teaches them the basics of software engineering. He then motivates them to accomplish a tough project in record time. In an unanticipated climax, all of them die.

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Kavitha said...

:) Climax thumba chennagide

Siri said...

You must be Mohan Night Chameleon :).

Arjun Sharma said...

He he, sikkapatte channagide The climaz to Chak De! Mohan was truly unanticipated.

Olle deadly cinemas-u.

Arjun Sharma said...
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Arjun Sharma said...

That's climax, not climaz. Though there is no archaeological evidence to suggest that a word such as climax ever existed.

Harish said...

Hehe! Ondu tara chennaagide aa climax-u anta nangoo annistu.

Neevu oLLe puns maaDtira.

Hehe, houdu, words-gaLoo archaeological evidence irade irakke aagalla. So climaz anta heLidroo tappaagalla since climax annodara existence prove aagillade iro kaaraNa.

Vinni said...

this is madness!!!

Harish said...

[vinni]I have no hesitation in agreeing with you.