Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey Ram!

Conferring knighthood to Salman Rushdie hurts minority sentiments. Prophet Mohammad cartoons hurt minority sentiments. Calling Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism hurts minority sentiments. Executing a convicted terrorist hurts minority sentiments. Not condemning Saddam Hussein's execution hurts minority sentiments. The list goes on. So also the government's caution to not hurt such sentiments. And one day they tell the supreme court that Lord Ram might not have existed. What about Hindu sentiments? Who cares!

Let us leave aside the sentiments and examine the statement. Even then it amounts to the Government saying that whom Hindus worship as God, does not exist. This is something a truly secular, religion-neutral, government cannot do as it indicates religious bias. But then who is there to question the Government?

Now coming to the issue of Rama-Sethu, which has created this controversy. Ramayana alongwith Mahabharatha and Gita, in many ways, is one of the bedrocks of Indian culture. In this context, Ram Setu has a very important symbolic value. This is irrespective of whether it's is man made or not. Destroying Ram Setu is, therefore, not just a blow to Hindu faith, but to our culture and our heritage as well.

Considering all this, what the Government has uttered, is indeed blasphemy. The UPA Government needs to be strongly condemned not just verbally but electorally as well.


Siri said...

There is a quote "Never argue with a fool. Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference". Most Indians believe in this when confronted with politicians :). But coming to verbal war between the two big political parties of India, we cannot tell the difference there either. And this my friend is why I chose to blog about Lead India Initiative.

Arjun Sharma said...

This is surely the lowest depth they have sunk to, the UPA govt. Like you said, even though the thing might be natural and not man-made, they're messing with the beliefs of a HUGE section of the population. There are bound to repercussions of a magnitude unanticipated(like the climaxes of your software movies).

Besides, studies by non-government appointed environmental agencies seem to show it will cause more damage than benefit. This is just to piss people off that they're going ahead with it.

Douglas Adams was a shining example of positive atheism. He was an atheist, but he didnt impose that on others(he made remarkably funny jokes about believers, which is nice). The DMK is the perfect example of negative atheism.

Harish said...

Naanilli 'verbal war between the two big political parties of India' bagge concerns express maaDilla. Government maaDida statement-na vehemently khanDisiddini.Ashte.

Closer home, BeeChi was another shining example of positive atheism.