Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reality Comedy Show

After a long, long time, this week I enjoyed watching the news every bit. If you ever wanted to see reality comedy show, then you should not have missed anything about the nuclear deal over the last weekend and this week.

Yes, it's very obvious that I really have no idea as to whether this deal is good or bad. For that matter neither the 'television experts' nor a majority of parliamentarians know it. The simple reason for that is the deal is so far known only to those who are negotiating it. Even if it is a good deal, I don't know how it will make India a superpower. Then, if that is the case, Azerbaijan should also go for it.

And about those who say it's a bad deal. The Left. A few years back nobody would have cared as to where their thought process 'Left' them? But today the government of India's weakest PM depends on their 'thinking'. But that's not my problem. For me it's amusement at its political best. "Honeymoon may be over, marriage can go on", says the left about the future of their ties with the Government propped up by them. What kind of marriages do leftists have? Is it like they have marriage and then honeymoon to be immediately followed by divorce? Those enjoying the honeymoon, woke up to the reality of a possible divorce and started negotiations to save the marriage. Even if there is divorce, this will be one in which the beneficiaries will not be lawyers, instead it will be news channels.

And the opposition. They, as always, have opposed the deal. Their opposition has been termed as ''opportunistic politics''. Tell me the last time when politics was not about opportunism. The only difference about the opposition this time is that they have not compared this deal to the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975.

It happens only in India.

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Kavitha said...

Yeah...way to go India!!
It definitely happens only in India...*Sad*