Monday, December 10, 2007


Siri, tagged me. Infact she didn't. She merely asked whether I could take the tag, with which she was tagged, forward.

This 'tagging' business, to be honest, appears very childish. I tag somebody. The said somebody has to write, as a consequence, things like,
5 things I would do if I had born fifty years later OR
5 things I would do to succeed in pet keeping OR
5 things I would avoid eating after lunch on odd numbered days OR
to put it more generally,
'n' things I would/had/should/similar-meaning-word followed by random combination of English words.
Here n is an integer >= 5 and preferably a prime number.

You would also have to write a list of five things that you would not do or would not want to do. GuruWrites is giving a general format for that too. Here it is.
'n' things I would-not/had-not/should-not/similar-meaning-word followed by
random combination of English words
Here n is an integer >= 5 and preferably a prime number.

And the tribulations of the person tagged does not end here. He has to 'tag' someone else. And then the agony shifts to that person.

This being the case, it's hard for me accept the offer of carrying forward the tag. But being the nice person that I am, I shall give it a try.

Here goes the 5 things I think, I would want to do before turning 60

  • Have children
  • Retire
  • Become the nation's Prime Minister atleast twice.
  • Visit Azerbaijan atleast once
  • Bridge the gap between the dialectic and the didactic. Probably make a movie that achieves this task. (Arjun, sorry for shamelessly using your 'idea'.)
5 things I would not do shall not be listed for lack of enthusiasm to list the same.

And nominating the next tag-bearer is also a task I shall refrain from doing. If any of the zillions of readers of this blog want to take it up, they are free to do so.


Siri said...

Probability was a scoring subject but nothing more than that to the puny brain of mine. But I would say if you have become the PM twice then the probability of retiring is n where n <=0. You would become another Deve Gowda trying to poke ur big nose into everything everyone else does while also trying to catch up with the mirth of retired life i.e sleep

Arjun said...

Prime minister twice? AdaraNeeya Advaniji-ge ee chance siglilla, ningellinda sigatte?

And yes, you shamelessly stole my idea. As an ardent devotee of Sode Shree Bhootarajaru would say, fie on you!