Monday, June 04, 2007

Power of committees

The Gujjar-Meena confrontation is off, atleast for the moment. Rajasthan Government and Gujjar leadership have found a solution. It took one week of violence, loss of precious lives, destruction of properties, blocked highways, stranded tourists at railway stations and bus terminals and many many hours of negotiations to arrive at this solution. And what's this solution arrived at such great cost? A 'three-member high-power committee headed by a retired High Court judge to examine the community's demand for ST status'.

When the said committee submits its report, there will be some more 'negotiations'. And then another 'solution will be hammered out'. And that will be the formation of another high-powered committee, most probably a six member committee, involving people from different backgrounds like ex-cricketers, judges, cine stars, environmentalists, maths teachers(as they are strong in numbers) etc 'to look more deeply into this matter'. And that will probably be given six months time frame. By the time that committee submits its report, the whole issue would have been forgotten. And hence the problem solved.

Dear readers, the moral of this story is that, in India, committees are powerful. They can solve any problem, be they social, political, economic or religious. O Committee, in this country, thou art really powerful!


Arjun Sharma said...

That link was called '04rajriot7.htm.' Gives it a regal respectability, that name.

We should also involve painters, because they are more exposed to world culture and can be liberal and unbiased about the whoe,issue. In fact, we should put up pictures of naked Hindu deities everywhere in Rajasthan, so that the cool breeze, the salubrious zephyrs of secularism will blow and calm the flaming tempers.

"O Committee, in this country, thou art really powerful!"
Idu bahala channagide. Neev bareetira, ivre.

Sneha Divakar said...

you seem to be focusing issues like ST status, moral policing etc... noble causes they are....

Harish said...

[Arjun]oLLe royal riots-u.

'salubrious zephyrs of secularism' can blow away all evil spirits. Idu nija. You make a good point.

[sneha]Houdu. oLLe noble causes-u.