Sunday, December 10, 2006

'Equitable Development'

The 'secular-politics' played out in this country, reached it's nadir, when our Prime Minister said yesterday, that 'Minorities, particularly Muslims, should have the first claim on national resources'. You need not have to be a social scientist to realize how dangerous this proposal is. 'Equitable development', which this Government claims to swear by, cannot be achieved by any particular group having a 'first claim' on national resources. Dear Prime Minister, you have made the most appalling statement of your life.


swaroop said...

Yes. He sounded extremely silly on that count.

Arjun Sharma said...

Very stupid and dangerous statement. Catering to minority votebanks is a known evil, but this is too much. Mollycoddling 'particularly Muslims' to such an extent is not only not required, it only achieves the opposite of its intent. It's like giving a man everything he needs/wants. He will make no effort to progress or evolve. Therefore, he will remain where he is.

Harish said...

[Swaroop]Not just silly, supremely silly. Only he and the 'secularists 'can make such statements.

[Arjun]Absolutely right. But the 'liberal secular intellectuals' do not comprehend this logic.