Saturday, September 09, 2006

State of my blog poll - Exclusive

Its unofficial now. Barely 5 months and a handful of posts into this blog, it has been rated as the number one blog by everyone, including people who haven't read this blog, those who haven't heard about it, people travelling in trains, a person named KrishRao(he is from the days of the British Raj) and many others. Frankly, I did not want to publish the results of this poll since I do not believe in numbers. But pressure from people who have helped make this blog a reality and also from KrishRao forced me to publish it.

This was a poll conducted by "AC Ramachandra Rao - Guruwrites", a reputed and reliable agency for opinion polls of any kind. The poll interviewed 5483 people from 17.32 states in the second half of the third week of August. The poll interviewed people from urban as well rural areas, people moving in trains, children above one year and also the one and only KrishRao.

One clear truth that has emerged from this poll is that, people feel that this blog has kept its promise of producing only nonsense. This is a feeling shared by not just by people across the north-south divide but also by me. Another likeable feature of this blog for the people of this nation is that they do not know much about it.

Let me get into some numbers now. Nearly 7.32 percent of the people polled(including those who don't know about this blog) say this blog is one of its kind, hillarious, informative, thought provoking, never-before-never-will-be-such-a-blog. This number can be a bit more than this, if we take into account the volatilities of the stock market, failed monsoons and high prices of vegetables.

People who feel this blog is not good is a negative 0.32 percent. In other words there are no such people. People who said this blog can improve were later found to be invalid voters and hence their votes were not taken into account. But we have accepted their invaluable feedback. The rest of the people felt, this blog, especially its name - guruwrites, is very good and innovative.

Children, who were an important part of the people polled, say this blog has helped them in ways that cannot described in simple words. So I will not describe it. KrishRao says , this blog reminds him of the days of the Raj. Since this is a feeling, KrishRao says, cannot be reasoned out, I shall not attempt to do so respecting the opinion of this octogenarian.

Many people say, such fantastic results are because of people's love, affection and faith in this blog. But I strongly believe, it is because of having conducted this poll we have had such good numbers. Otherwise how would we have known that this blog is at the top.

I would conclude this post, by giving details of some of the questions asked in the poll and people's answers to them.

1> Do you know about this blog?
Yes : Undisclosed percentage
No: Only invalid voters said no

2> Do you feel this blog has helped bring peace in the middle east?
Yes : 97%
No: 3%

3> Do you feel this blog can help the nation to become a superpower?
Yes: 98.79%
Partially Yes: 1.21%

4> Do you feel that the posts on this blog have made train travel more enjoyable?
Yes: 88%
I dont have words to describe my joy: 12%
(Here the gap becomes wider in the semi-urban areas with good bus service)

5> Will you believe the results of this poll as and when thay are out?
Yes: 100%

Disclaimer: This post might not contain facts.


Arjun Sharma said...

People who have helped make this blog a reality:- you and

Harish said...

Its not just me and blogger. Heege heLta hodre, internetna reality maaDidavru, computer-na reality maadidoru, abacus kandu hiDidoru, ellara hesru heLbekaaguttte. Nodi.

Arjun Sharma said...

He he, "Has this blog helped bring peace in the Middle East?" seems to have received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Rail connectivity may be the reason for the gap in the semi-urban areas with good bus service. Also, in urban areas with trains, good WiFi connectivity may also be a cause for participants' responses. These reasons/causes must be delved in to.

Arjun Sharma said...

KrishRao's opinion has been respected. However, John RamaRao, a decagenarian(age 102), has been neglected. Neglecting him for the sole reason that he is now deceased("Dead as a dreary doorknob in a dank ditch full of dull ditchwater," in the words of his autopsy) is appalling. The conductors of the poll should take more care in this regard.

Guru Anandh .R said...

Do u feel that the author of this blog is an ass ??
Aam Jantha : 100 % Yes

Harish said...

("Dead as a dreary doorknob in a dank ditch full of dull ditchwater," - oho autopsy reports ishtondu verbose aagi irutto?

Pushuka said...