Friday, August 25, 2006


Scientists of the International Astronomical Union have suddenly decided to redefine what constitutes a planet and as a consequence, poor Pluto, which was sincere and honest in its revolution around the Sun, will no longer be the planet it used to be since 1930. It takes some time to come to terms with this disturbing news of our own Pluto being left out in this redefinition. One can only wonder if Pluto could have approached Rajdeep. He would have certainly brought Pluto's plight to public notice. "Has Pluto been given an unfair deal by astronomists? Are we, as a society, becoming intolerant?" would have been Rajdeep's question Facing the Nation (pun intended). Rajdeep would also have delved into other aspects of this path-breaking decision, such as reprinting of school textbooks to indicate this change and also the sense of deep isolation felt by the youngest, now former, member of this Solar system. But these are just hypothetical. Things have to move on. We can only hope that the remaining planets continue to stay as planets and co-operate with others.

Today, I successfully completed the fourth week of my "corporate" life at SAP (rightly pronounced as Ess Aa Pee) Labs. Life here is pretty good except for the travel. If you have to travel 25-27 kilometres to your office everyday, you know that the situation is not ideal. People have told me both directly and indirectly(indirect version is generally immediately followed by a direct version for my better comprehension) that such travel everyday wont permit you to "lead life to the fullest". But I answer all of them by decisively saying nothing.

That's it then for this post. Good Bye.


Arjun Sharma said...

Even planets don't have job security, Harish! Oh what an age we live in! God made these planets(all right, a huge gas cloud explosion did, you agnosts!) but men decide whether it is a planet or not. I feel drunk with power!

Arjun Sharma said...

No one in their right minds would look at "SAP labs" and pronouince it "Ess Aa Pee" or whatever. That sounds like they're just learning to read. Or trying to forget. Or both simultaneously.

Besides, research shows that saying "Ess Aa Pee" is the surest way to NOT find a concubine by age 38.

Harish said...

Nija. Ee kaaladalli planets-gu Employment Guarantee Scheme-na agatya ide.