Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh God! Save This Nation!

For a significant part of the freedom struggle, Vande Mataram was a song that inspired our freedom fighters to give up even their lives for the cause of liberating our nation. It continues to be one of those things that can unite Indians across the region, religion, language barrier. But unfortunately and to the dismay of every true Indian, such a truly national song is being made a victim of the tyranny of "Indian secularism", a euphemism for "vote-bank" politics.

Singing of Vande Mataram, according to the ground rules of Indian "secularism", is not above the communal interests. Regardless of it being a national song, Vande Mataram is still subservient to the sentiments of certain sections of our population. Freedom of religion, say secularists, permits one to not sing the national song if it hurts their religious sentiments. This is a very dangerous argument. Certain things such as singing the national anthem or the national song, respecting the national flag and abiding by the courts of the land should be non-negotiable. This is natural if we are really serious about putting the nation first ahead of the individuals or communities. Otherwise, what if, tomorrow, another community says it will not salute the national flag citing that it hurts their religous beliefs or what if they do not adhere to the judgments of the courts saying courts are below their religion. Such arguments are real dangers to our national unity. But the all-knowing secularist, fails to comprehend this.

For the secular-wallahs, who rant the whole day about keeping religion seperate from politics, who preach us about how everybody is an Indian first irrespective of religion, who always claim themselves to be the keepers of this nation's "secular conscience", nation comes only a distant second to the sentiments of certain communities. I am sure such secularists only succeed in embarassing the very same communities, because these communities too want to put their nation ahead of their religion. Ultimately these secular loonies only divide the people along religious lines. This is what they want as it helps them to be in the limelight preaching their secular bullshit. Oh God!, Kindly save this nation!


Anonymous said...


Apropos this issue, you are absolutely right. We do not live in a world of Oliver Goldsmiths. We are not citizens of the world. As such, certain 'segregatory' concepts such as nations and nationhood have become necessary. Things being such, we must have certain things like respect for the nation and national symbols. Americans have the freedom to burn their flag and not sing their national anthem if they choose to, among others. However, I doubt whether we will use it well, should such freedom be given to us. Besides, that is a terrible thing to do, burning the flag.

Anyhow, since we do not live in such a liberal world as Goldsmith's statement demands, it is not a big thing to ask, singing the national song. Especially when the song in question has such a great history behind it. Such powerful memories connected with it, as you have rightly mentioned. I doubt whether "JANA GANA MANA!!" (a more secular song since it has no religious leanings)would have had the same effect in spurring people on as "VANDE MATARAM!"

Pure things like the national song are being made victim to political maneouvering. This is regrettable.

Thank you.

Harish said...

Thank You 'Sir'.