Monday, April 23, 2007

Nanna Kathe - College Days - I

This autobiographical narrative of mine moves on to college days. Like a long drawn out boring soap opera, this too is turning out to be too long for a story that really doesn't have a story. Anyway, much like the self-laudatory 'creative' directors of our soap operas, I too continue this narrative( although with a slightly modified title) with a strong belief, albeit a false one, that this story is interesting. Enough said about the length and the quality of this 'literary work'. Let me come back to the story.

As I said, Harish the Guru - that is me, the proud chronicler of this 'could-be award winning non-fiction magnum opus' - enters his college life. This story, not surprisingly, has the same lazy, easy going theme. Guru encounters another Guru, meets a certain Aravinda, who, much like his name, shared a lot in common with the man who named the author of this 'could-be award winning non-fiction magnum opus' as Guru, had a lecturer who shared the second half of my name and came next only to God, had as classmates boys who made their desks their guide to answering questions well in tests and many more. That there is no mention of anyone belonging to the female gender so far in this post, should not be construed as anything against my heterosexual nature. Its just that the girls, just like in PTA and Vijaya High School, didn't match up to the boys in any respect whatsoever to deserve a prominent mention in this story.

After successfully completing tenth standard education in a manner that is worthy of mention in the next generation of textbooks that will be read by the school-goers of 21st century, I enthusiastically joined National College Jayanagar(NCJ) for an education that was promised to prepare me for the challenges of university education ahead of me. So, if you assume this would be something that I am going to tell in graphic detail, you will be as wrong as you are in thinking that I wont attain literary glory from this work of literary marvel. Whatever the last sentence means! Simply put, there is not much to write about from my days in this college with a hyped up reputation. The reasons for that are many. One, the stay too was for a brief two year period. Two the college was too near to my house to attend the classes daily even for that short period of two years. Thirdly, and more importantly, there weren't any who came close to the entertaining and special characters of PTA and VHS - the ones I have introduced to you so far. This might hurt the NCJ classmates of mine if they happen to read this blog(which is a highly improbable event) , but this is the truth. Truth, say men of wisdom, is always bitter. But there were quite a few really good lecturers, whom, I should say, we were really fortunate to have. Rare gems they were, be they K V Ghanshyam, K S Ramprasad or the inimitable K S Kannan. But in the second year most of them didn't handle our classes due to administrative rejig. At the end of two not so fascinating years of my life, I ended up in an engineering college called Bangalore Institute of Technology(BIT). And the four years I spent there were as eventful, as memorable, as comical and as entertaining as my school days. Its those days at BIT that will form the remaining part of this narrative.


Sneha Divakar said...

yen ivre, sakkat agi hype maadibittu college days bagge ashtenu bardeilla..

Harish said...

college days kathe naan mugisilla. next post alli continue aagutte. oLLe hype-u!

Arjun Sharma said...

"I enthusiastically joined National College Jayanagar(NCJ) for an education that was promised to prepare me for the challenges of university education ahead of me."


You have somehow failed to mention one Shri K S Ramaswamy, who called himself K S RommSommy, in this introductory tale of yours.

Harish said...

[Arjun]Yes, you may consider that as a faux pas. The author regrets the error.
KSR was and is a great teacher. idralli eradu maatilla ivre.

Sandeep said...

Nanu aforementioned first two years alli, elloo feature-a aglilla.

Olllle rejig-u.

Harish said...

[Sandeep]Neen scene alle irlilla aaga.

Rejig oLLe word-u. I think you have already judged me on that count.

Siri said...

Phew! Took 20 minutes but I read all the parts of your life history! You are an amazing story teller and a magician with words. Wonderful. Bega BIT episodes bariari (sorry my kannada in english is not so good, nor do i claim that my kannada in kannada is very good) :)