Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yeh Jo Des Hai Mera

A terrorist who has been convicted in multiple courts of attacking parliament and has been sentenced to death by the very same courts, is not sent to gallows yet. His mercy petition is being processed at such leisurely pace that in any other country there would have been huge protests against the Government of the day. But here, for us, 'secularism' is more important even if it means being soft on terrorists. The media along with it's sponsored intellectuals and secularists backs the government wholeheartedly.

Then, one day, Balasaheb Thackeray says, “Now the President cannot see what is happening. His long hair has come before his eyes. He cannot see what is happening before him." in reference to the mercy petition lying with the President. Now this becomes a matter so grave to our terrorist-friendly media that on news channels there are panel discussions on how to punish Thackeray for these remarks on criminal grounds. Such personal comments, especially termed at the President, is very insulting, believes our media. Now, it does not bother to them, that when M F Hussein paints Goddess Saraswati nude, sentiments of so many people are hurt. The freedom of speech that holds good in the latter case does not apply to the former case. I think, what Thackeray has said is not as insinuating as what Hussein did. If the latter gets the protection under the umbrella of free speech, so should the former.

By the way, in this process of "Target Thackeray" and "Target Modi", we are forgetting the nation and it's security. It's time we wake up to it.


Guru Anandh .R said...

Satyavaada Maathu !! Gujarat riots was pulled out pro-potion and the state government was slammed as Disgrace to Democracy whereas the riots in Bangalore by the so called Minority population with a high GDP (Gross Domestic Population )was played down by all parts of Secularist Society !!

Harish said...

[Guru]Yes, our media and the secularists are themselves proving to be a disgrace and disadvantage to the nation and it's security.

swaroop said...
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swaroop said...

What Thackery did was wrong. You don't attack a mild president like how Thackery did. He is one of the best ones we've had till date.
Featuring such stuff on news channels depends on us. They give us what we like. If they write more on this Thackery story, they attract the public.They make money. Afterall, it's business .

swaroop said...

You might question some of the programmes like "Taste of India - Chef". It's a news channel. What's food got to do with this?

That's the whole point. They gotta show what people want to stay in the business. Moor hottu 'adaitu, idaitu' andre, no one cares.

Harish said...

[Swaroop]I agree, it's a business. But they are also responsible in shaping public opinion to an extent and also acting as a pressure group against the wrongs of the Government.
Focusing on what Thackeray said in an election rally and how to punish him for what he said while supporting clemency for the man who scripted the attack on Parliament is apalling. It happens, I am sure, only in India.

Regarding whether it was wrong. Then what Hussein did(I am referring to this because I have used this in the post too) was also wrong. What happened to the media then? Why didn't it protest?

And, I personally believe, what Thackeray said is not very insulting. Come on, try to take things in a bit lighter sense. Let there be some sense of humour. Let's not act like kids! Let's learn something from America in this regard.

Gaurav said...

what Thackeray says was perfectly valid
english media continues to indulge in anti hindu propoganda for no reason

Gaurav said...

how do we popularise and get across to other people in india ? any ideas