Friday, July 07, 2006

Insanity unlimited

As a solution to the ongoing "temple scandals" where a number of women (at last count three) entered various temples (at last count the number of such temples was two) they were not supposed to enter according to some medieval rules of the respective temples, the liberals with all their intellect suggested the same old solution of making entry to all temples open to both men and women. But this hasn't quite been implemented. Hence, logically, we can safely assume that this solution doesn't work. So why not try something different?

That different solution entails having entry to temples exclusively to either men or women and in some cases to both. This isn't discriminatory because neither men nor women are allowed access to all the temples. This also promotes the concept of unity of God because more than the temple's deity, the gender of the devotee will be more important. Hence more than being a Shiva temple or Ganesha temple, the temple would be a men's one or women's one.

Further extending this concept to children, we can have children's temple where only children are allowed. Also we can have temples based on age groups. For example, an under-19 temple will allow only people under the age of 19. This will allow temple authorities to market their temples better by providing the facilities that their temple's devotees (or shall I say visitors) would desire. An under-19 temple would not normally need a meditation hall. It can instead have a big internet parlour.

Well, I think I should end this post here. Otherwise I would be allowed only inside an asylum.


Arjun Sharma said...

He he, radical new concept, Harish! Maybe we could have entrances for terrorists too. For easy access. I mean, they are, after all, 'distressed' and 'wronged' individuals. They have devotional yearnings too.

Harish said...

nija, aa bhagavanta avrigoo oLLe buddhi koDtaaneno! alva?

Arjun Sharma said...

Quota implement maaddre avrge anta, why not? After all, isn't spiritualism 'higher' education too?