Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Harish is Guru, Guru is Harish

The blog name might suggest that this is a blog where you can get the latest spiritual news.But that is not the case. This blog's name has its origins in an incident that happened in my high
One day, in my high school, I had a quarell (a verbal fight, not a physical fight) with one of my friends, Arvind. Consequently, I got a bit angry. Arvind, never missed an opportunity to create a ridiculous story about me. My anger presented him one such opportunity. According to the story he made up that day, I would, in my anger, go and sit on top of an overhead tank that was in our school and do tapas on a single leg. I would then get enlightened and become the Guru. Thus I became Guru.
This story wouldn't have become well known but for the propoganda of two other classmates of mine. They ensured that on most desks of the class, "Harish Is Guru, Guru Is Harish", was inscribed. One among these two, Arjun, ensured that the "Guru" saga became well known in college as well.


aravinda said...

Oh, hage..

Arvind said...

There was much more to it. Much, much more. I told that story over days and built it up painstakingly. There was *meaning* to it. I didn't say that you'd just go up on that tank. There was a historical reason (something to do with the Mahabharatha) for it all.

Of course, as we all know, only Arjun remembers tales like that in full. But, these days, he has this weird tendency to pretend to forget stories, in a foul and failed attempt to seem human.

Anyway, long story short, it got you to smile. That's all I needed then.


Harish said...

"I told that story over days and built it up painstakingly" - maadoella maadbittu idu bere. Anway, I enjoyed that story, Arvind.

Arjun Sharma said...

I am not a propagandist. I am not a gear in the machinery of the Officialdom. I did what I did 'cause I could.

And let's face it, you got popular, man!! You would just have been Harish. You became 'Guru.'

And the image of you standing on a tank on one foot is priceless!

Mithun Vasisht said...

sorry,i'm in no way concerned with this stuff.I'm much too artless to write anything about this.But,one thing is for sure;Harish does sport the look of a sage;his face has an abstract talisman(amulet) associated with it.avna mukhadalli swalpa tejassu ide.chaitanya ide.Besides,i fear writing anything more about this;harish will sue me.he's a sage as is indicated by the acerbity of his speeches and attitude(just like a sage curses someone if he/she doesn't look after the sage well;i mean outana maadadeiddre hege aadtare).I love one thing about him(sorry,this is not gay in any sense);he thinks and acts with prudence.And to top it all,i'll give my intro now.I am Mithun Vasisht M.G;harish's classmate at vhs.